Please note: COVID-19 update -  My practice has moved to Telehealth only via phone or video (updated 10/6/21)

Couples - Are you longing for connection, support and comfort from your partner?

  • Break away from repetitive cycles of criticism and blame
  • Understand how trauma may be impacting your relationship
  • Learn how to respond to your partner in a more positive and supportive manner
  • Develop concrete skills to communicate in a more constructive manner
  • Explore new strategies to bring out the best in yourself and your partner
  • Begin to experience more security and joy in your relationship
  • Read about Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy on this site to learn more

Individual Counseling - Are you looking for a supportive environment to explore past or current life challenges?

  • Maximize personal insight and self acceptance
  • Learn more effective strategies to solve problems and make decisions
  • Expand your ability to manage stress and reduce anxiety
  • Find support to grieve personal losses
  • Understand how childhood or recent traumatic experiences contribute to present distress
  • Read about EMDR Therapy on this site

Adolescents - Is your child struggling at home or in school? Your son or daughter may need additional support to

  • Develop a more positive self image
  • Learn how to identify signs of stress and effective coping strategies
  • Practice skills to reframe negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Discover how to more effectively communicate with friends and family
  • Explore college and career possibilities

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